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Water Heater Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ: Residential & Commercial Electric, Gas & Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Services

Water heater maintenance is crucial to the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your hot water heater. Hot water heater maintenance and tune up in Phoenix is especially important since this area has relatively high levels of water sediment. Our hot water heater tune up and water heater maintenance services can handle both residential and commercial systems. No matter your needs, SG Mechanical’s highly trained technicians bring you electric, gas, or tankless water heater maintenance. Let us show you how beneficial our tune up services are when you call in our Phoenix based team.

Excellent Electric and Gas Water Heater Maintenance

We can keep your Phoenix based home or business’s gas or electric water heater running longer and more efficiently with yearly hot water heater tune ups. Our gas and electric water heater maintenance and tune up service will ensure proper drainage is occurring without leakage and that your pressure valve is functioning properly. Our Phoenix technicians will also drain sediment from your heater that would otherwise lower its efficiency over time and increase your energy bill. All of our technicians are licensed and certified in order to provide Phoenix properties with the quality electric and gas water heater maintenance they require.

Quality Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Phoenix

Tankless water heater maintenance has a unique set of requirements that need to be addressed. Especially in areas with harder water like Phoenix, your system should undergo regular descaling to remove sediment and gunk that can buildup inside your water heater. When performing hot water heater maintenance, we flush your system and run a solution that breaks up the “scales” inside your unit. Our hot water heater tune ups increase the performance and efficiency of your water heater and help maximize its longevity.

Phoenix Residential and Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

Our water heater maintenance services are well equipped to handle both residential and commercial water heater maintenance in Phoenix. We understand what it takes to meet or exceed codes and specifications during our water heater tune ups for your home or business. If you’ve noticed that your water heater is consuming more power, it may be time for maintenance. Or, if your heater is not producing enough hot water or the hot water is harder than normal, it could be time for a sediment flushing or descaling. Both are included in our hot water maintenance options. Drop us a line to schedule a service call in Phoenix.

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